What is the difference between the Cheapo stores?
Well, there are so many genres, sub-genres and formats for music and video that we organized our stores to help our customers find what they are looking for more easily. This also helps attract knowledgeable employees who “specialize” in those various genres and formats. In St. Paul, we have very deep selections of of all these genres and formats including a very deep selection of vinyl. Our Minneapolis location combines everything into one of the deepest selections of all genres and formats in the country!  The Blaine Cheapo store offers a deep selection of all genres of CDs and some genres of DVDs, LPs and cassettes. It features the largest, deepest, most awesome selection of metal music in the state!
We also offer a huge selection of T-shirts and Posters featuring your favorite Music, Movie, TV and artist’s images.  Other gift items (coffee mugs, magnets and yes! car fresheners) are available.  Check often for new, unique items.
Where are you located?
Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Blaine
What are your store hours?
Most of our stores are open 10am – 10pm, 365 days of the year! **(Blaine location 10am – 9pm, 10am – 6pm Sundays)
Do you sell gift certificates?
Of course! What size would you like?
Do you have a computerized inventory?
Sorry – No. We keep our costs to a minimum and pass the savings on to you. If you call, we will be happy to look for your request.
Do you take “Want Lists?”
Sorry – No.
Do you make Internet or Mail Order sales?
YES – we can mail order. Please call the store. No – we don’t do internet sales.
Can you hold items?
Yes, we will hold items for ONE DAY.
What is your Return Policy?
Our official policy is all purchases are 100% exchangeable within 30 days when accompanied by an original receipt.
Factory sealed merchandise in new condition may be returned or exchanged.
Defective new merchandise may be exchanged for a replacement of the same item only.
T-Shirts in unworn, unwashed condition may be exchanged.
Used merchandise is eligible for a one time courtesy exchange for the same item unless it is defective in which case it may be exchanged for another item.


Are you hiring?
We are ALWAYS hiring the best people – Please call the individual store location that you are interested in working at, as they do their own hiring of part time and full time ‘Cheaple’. Or, print and fill in this application and bring it to any location.

Used Music and Movies

Where do used movies and music come from?
We buy them from people just like you.
What movies and music do you buy?
We buy all formats and genres of music at the Minneapolis and St. Paul store locations. We buy CDs and DVDs at the Blaine location. All stores buy DVD movies, however, only the Minneapolis location buys VHS movies. We need the original cases and artwork. Note: We make an offer on nearly everything, except STOLEN movies and music, and we make every effort to catch thieves!
Do you buy scratched items?
Purchasing and price paid for CDs and LP’s will depend on their overall appearance, condition and salability. DVDs must be scratch free.
How much do you pay?
The price we pay will depend on appearance and salability. Please contact the store location directly for current price range.
Do I get more if I make a trade?
Unlike some stores, we pay CASH or check only for your movies and music. No store credit or trading will be offered.
How do I sell my movies and music to you?
Please bring your movies and music to us during normal business hours.
Please try to avoid our busiest times of the day, especially Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Additionally, within an hour of our closing time is not recommended.
If you have more than 100 pieces, you may want to call in advance.
Do I need an appointment?
Appointments are rarely needed, however we definitely recommend an appointment if you have over 1000 CDs or DVDs to sell us.
Do you have to listen to / watch each one in order to buy it from me?
No – very rarely will we attempt to play or watch a CD or DVD. We base our buying on appearance and if it is salable. All used movies and music are exchangeable.
Can used movies or music hurt my equipment?
CDs and DVDs are optically scanned by laser, so no.
We inspect all records and tapes to ensure that they are of a quality that will not harm your equipment.

New Music and Movies

How is your selection of new movies and music?
Our selection varies by store location, however few stores in the country have a broader selection than our Minneapolis store. Our St. Paul location boasts an excellent selection, while our Blaine selection is smaller – Our smallest store still carries more than 30,000 CDs.
Can I listen before I buy?
Yes – USED CD, LP and Cassettes are no problem.

Sorry – at this time, we have no equipment to allow you to listen to or view new CDs and DVDs or to view VHS or DVDs.

How about Special Orders?
We will attempt to special order anything available on CD or DVD for you.
No deposit is necessary.

Local Music and Movies

Do you really have the world’s largest selection of Minnesota and surrounding states music?
Absolutely – we really do.
Will you sell my movie or music?
We will be happy to receive local and regional music, movies, posters, T-shirts and artwork on a consignment basis.
Click here to learn more about consignment.
Can my Band play at Cheapo?
Unfortunately not. We do not currently have a location with a stage but we’re still happy to promote your work if you want to consign.